Ear Report

First of all- how cute is this picture?  Dax started mimicing me using the phone a few weeks ago, and it cracks me up.  He puts it either to his cheek or behind his ear, and occasionally grunts.
"Hello, yes, is this the ENT doctor?  Excellent.  I'd like to make an appointment for you to put tubes in my ears."
Secondly- his left ear drum is perforated.  :(  Poor baby!  Doctor said it's not totally uncommon (and 99% of the time heals back perfectly fine), but went ahead and suggested we get him in to see the ENT.  We're going the week after next- and hopefully scheduling the surgery ASAP! 

So, if that didn't break my heart enough to hear that Dax's ear drum had burst- Ada gave me quite a scare yesterday afternoon, too.  We were home and swinging on the swing set, and she fell out of the swing onto her back pretty hard- she got the breath knocked out of her and scratched her back up pretty bad (not sure how??), and it scared the bejeezus out of the both of us. 

Needless to say, we all just watched movies and snuggled the rest of the afternoon!

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Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

Mia has had 4 sets and Ben has had one. We love tubes at our house. It made a HUGE difference for my kiddos.