Chocolate Face

Would you ever guess that this sweet, goofy face had just had a THIRD ear drum perforation just half an hour before this picture?? 
This is what I found when I went to get Dax out of his carseat yesterday after the drive home from school- I think sister might have shared her chocolate covered granola bar!!
I have gotten through to Dax's ENT (Dr. Duncan), and his nurse agreed that his situation is dire and his tube surgery needs to be done as soon as possible.  There was an appointment open for THIS THURSDAY at an outpatient surgery center where Dr. Duncan often does surgeries (we were planning on going to Texas Children's Hospital, where Ada had hers done)- one hang up is that our insurance considers this facility "out-of-network."  The nurse is going to contact them personally to see if they will work with her on their coverage so this can happen. 

The other possible obstacle is the day of the surgery- if Dax is wheezy at all, they will not put him under anesthesia.  (Understandable)  However- even with 4 days of steroids, daily Singulair, and multiple breathing treatments daily, he still sounds a little rattly to me.  Praying that "rattly" to me is different than "wheezy" to them. 

We'll know tomorrow morning.  At this point, though, I'm tempted to just keep the appointment and pay whatever it costs to get this baby boy some relief NOW!  There are no more measures that can be taken at the moment- he's literally on every possible remedy at the time. 

Fingers crossed!


Haffner's World said...

Praying that everything works the way it is supposed to!!!

Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We use Dr. Duncan too and LOVE him!
Poor sweet boy...

Alicia said...

Katy- you were actually the one who recommended Duncan to us when Ada needed tubes! We love him, too. Thank yoU!! :)