The "That" Game

As you might remember from THAT post (4th video), Dax loves to play the "that" game.  He gets in moods where he just extends his hand in a permanent point and says "that" at anything and everything, waiting on me to name it.  His desire to accumulate nouns cannot be satiated!   

Tonight he woke himself up while being rocked for bed to point at the 100th "that"of the evening - his bedside lamp.

He pitched a fit when I finally decided to put him down awake because he noticed one more "that" that he HAD to have named.  It was his monkey blanket handing above his dresser.  That we name 10 times a day.

I've really noticed that his favorite "thats" are red.  He loves my red water bottle, his antibiotics container, any red clothing, and a few red pieces of art around the house.  If he's lucky, he'll be a Katy Tiger!

And good news- the tubes are officially going in on Thursday (granted he's not wheezy)- and insurance was cooperative!  Yay!

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