Katy HS Spring Show

I took Ada to the KBBC (Katy Bengal Brigade & Cheer) Spring Show on Friday- I was craving some alone time with that sweet girl, and wanted to do something that we couldn't just pick up and do any 'ole time. 

We looked forward to it all week (see Adaism below!), and had such a wonderful time!  She sat in my lap the entire time, and was such a sweet angel.  (Got a little bored about halfway through, but luckily I had by bag-o-tricks, and she colored/ate snacks for about 30 minutes!)

It was also so wonderful to see my students in another capacity.  These girls work SO hard preparing for this 2 hour concert, and I was absolutely blown away with their talent and dedication.  Made me proud! 

Ada totally loved the dances that the cheerleaders choreographed and performed the best- every gunshot, electric zap, and sub-100lb teenage girl flying in the air sent her spiraling into applause and squeals.  (Great, hope my pockets are deep enough when it's time for extracurricular activities!)  That and when the Katy Tiger came out and danced a few times!

Adaisms of the day:
-I woke her up that morning reminding her it was Spring Show day, never actually clarifying that we weren't going until that evening.  When we turned left to go to Kids-R-Kids instead of right for Katy High School, Ada stopped short and shouted: "WAIT!  We are going to school!?!?"  She was NOT happy to learn that she had to wait 11 more long hours!

-At the beginning of the show the MCs had us practice applauding and laughing extra hard at their corny jokes on command.  I know both MCs, so naturally giggled at their jokes all night because I thought they were adorable- whenever I giggled, Ada thought that was her cue to do the fake laugh.  It was hilarious- made me laugh harder, which made her laugh harder, etc!

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