1. Ada has a teacher named Ms. Caroline, that she truly believes is pronounced "Ms. Care-A-Lot."

2. Ada informed me that the CD she was dancing to in her room was a "Carrie Underwear" CD (instead of Carrie Underwood).

3. Me: Ada, you're such a good sister.
    Ada: {shaking her head}
    Me: Great sister.
    Ada: {shaking her head}
    Me: Amazing sister!
    Ada: {shaking her head}
    Me: Gorgeous sister??
    Ada: YES!

4. She STILL calls a swimsuit a "suit case."  Years now.

5. Today we heard on the news on the drive to school about an alligator being spotted at an Elementary school in Fort Bend County.  Ada was VERY concerned that they meant HER school. 
Me: No, at another school.
Ada: At YOUR school???
Me: No, in another city.
Ada: So, is there gonna be an alligator at my school?
Me: No, you're safe- but even if there were, there are huge fences around your playgrounds and your doors are locked, so you will be safe no matter what.
Ada: silence.
{walk into school}
Ada: to Mr. Paul- there's an alligator at our school!
         to Olivia- there's an alligator at our school!
         (Olivia: "OH!  Is it BIG!?"  Ada: "YES!!!!!!!")

6. Ada: Mom, astronauts go to the ____________________ (wanting me to complete her sentence.)
    Me: MOON!  Did I get it right?
    Ada: Yes.  You did.  And that moon is diiiirrrrrttttyyyy.

7. (same conversation)
    Ada: See my picture mom?  That's me.  On a spaceship.  That's where I live.
    Me: Cool.  Love the colors.  Where does Dax live?
    Ada: America.
    Me: Right.  Where does Mommy live?
    Ada: Texans.
    Me:  Mmm.  Where does Daddy live?
    Ada: Oh, he lives at work.

8. She's begun apologizing for everything.  Tonight she apologized in advance.
    Me: Ada, go inside and sit at the table.  I'm going to bring you your nuggets to eat.
    Ada: Oh, I'm sorry Mom.  But I'm not going to do that....

9. Ada: Where's Daddy this morning?
   Me: He had to be at the office super early today, so he's already left.
   Ada: The lights at work must NEVER turn off.

10. I told her strawberries were good for her skin, and would give her a healthy glow.  That night, she wanted to know if I could see her skin glowing yet when we turned the lights out...

With her friend Addy- playing dress up in her room!


E said...

This post cracked me up! Oh, to see the world through Miss Ada's (literal and innocent) eyes!

Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

... that picutre of Ada- the one where she is sitting on the edge of the pool with the blue/white/limegreen dress is my favorite picture of her ever. EVER. I love it!
I love this post! what a sweet, funny, quirky little girl :-)