We Love Weekends!

I suspect Dax could have a sensitivity- intolerance, allergy, something- to dairy.  Or some other food that we both eat.  I'll post more about it when/if I get to the bottom of it, but google "chronic ear infections and dairy allergy" and you'll get it.  :) 

With that said- we had to make a trip to Sugarland this weekend to Whole Foods to pick up some coconut milk yogurt (for Dax), and coconut milk coffee creamer (for me; I now have to go dairy-free as well since I am still breastfeeding a few times a day)- so we thought we'd make the most of our time there and find something novel to do with our Sunday afternoon.  Turns out, it was opening weekend for Houston's new minor league baseball team, the Skeeters! 

Still- no biggie right?  Whoopty-doo. 

Wrong!  It was the most amazing day EVER!  It was only $20ish for us to all get in, the parking was free, the food was decent and cheap- and behind the entire outfield was a massive playground (broken up into many age-appropriate sections), and a splash pad!!
I could not keep up with this kid in the Splash Pad!  He. was. in. HEAVEN.

She still looks like my baby girl here!

At the baby playground.

Pure Joy!

With the mosquito mascot "Skeeter."  I cannot get enough of this picture!  I want to quit my job so I can just stare at it all day.

Looks like she's watching the game- but she's actually just peeking through to see a real-live baseball player.  Or is it football?  Is it the Aggies?  Who cares- not Ada.

We love Splash Pads!  We mean baseball! (I got sprayed up the entire backside of my body in the process of taking this picture with Casey-I demanded we keep taking them until we got a perfect one after that!)

Family picture at Constellation Field.  You've got to go

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Megan said...

That looks super fun! I will have to remember to go there. And the picture of Ada with the skeeter is priceless.