Spring 2012 School Pictures & Phone Picture Dump

Kind of a lot has been going on lately -(mostly related to the allergist- whom I have officially kicked off of my kids' list of care providers.  Long story, I'll save it for some day when I finally have the answers I am seeking.  Let's just say we have spent a few dollars shy of $1000 on medication this MONTH alone prescribed by her, and it's not the cost that I'm most unhappy about.  She's just an over-reacter, over-prescriber, over-bearing woman- and we're over it!  Appointment with a new allergist next week.  Hopefully she's more tolerant, more patient, and not as anxious to jump on the steroid/antibiotic/antihistamine bandwagon.  Let's treat the cause, not the symptoms, people!)- 

so I will instead just please your eyes with some of the cutest sites you've ever seen! :)

Spring school pictures were taken a few weeks ago-
OMG, I love her so much my heart is going to explode.

I miss him so much during the day!

I seriously cannot get enough of them.  Light of my life!

My kids making me giggle-
Dax has been on antibiotics for, ohhhh.. about 6 months now, so I think he's got a yeast diaper rash.  So we played naked after bath time for a while tonight to let him "air out."  

Bahaha!  They're going to kill me someday for posting this!
 Sweetish Baby fills an order for Ada-
My own sweet baby girl placed an order for a new dress before going to bed tonight.  :)  This is actually her first outfit I've made her.  (The bows are for pigtails, they're not attached to the dress at all!)

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