Dax's ER Visit and Immune Deficiency

Last Monday night started out innocent enough.  I fed and bathed the kids, and put everyone down.  Dax had his typical runny nose, sporadic cough, and ear tugging- but he was happy as a lark. 
This was him in the bathtub.  He kept pointing to the faucet and saying "More. More. More." so I would turn the water back on.  Look how high the water level got before he let me keep it off!  

I began working on Sweetish Baby, and 2 hours later checked on him to find him breathing VERY rapidly and BURNING UP.  I took his temperature- 104.4, and counted his breaths per minute (normal for his age is 40/min, he was at 70/min).  I gave him a hefty dose of Tylenol, and contacted the on-call nurse. 30 minutes later his breathing was still in the 60s, and his fever was 104.6.  
Nurse said get to the hospital. So at 11pm we were on our way.
My miserable boy.

He was so hot and having trouble getting his fever down, they gave him this nifty little hospital gown with clowns all over it to wear instead of his jammies.  I thought it was SO cute!  

Obsessed with this stackable toy in the room.  It played music each time a ring was placed on the pole- I think we played with it for 45 minutes.  (This is after his 2nd dose of Tylenol kicked in!  We're down to 102.1 here)

Not crazy about the toe oxygen monitor.

Feeling better and wrestling with Mom!  We made a total scene in the waiting room laughing and screeching.  You have a nice view of the chipped teeth in this picture, too.  

I took this picture because my hair was in a slicked back bun when we got to the hospital- this is what he did to me, ha!  There's shark tooth again....

Playing with the phone.
 He ended up with a pretty nasty sinus infection and ear infection (surprise!), that was spreading to his chest. The ER doctor put him on Amoxicillan- which is a total amateur antibiotic that didn't even work for Dax at 4 months old.  I begged her to do something different, but she begged to differ.  
They also suctioned his sinuses out.  That was not fun.  
Machines, high pressure, tubes, screaming baby boy.

Pretty much pulled an all nighter on Monday, and on Tuesday we headed up to my classroom to get my room ready for a sub at 7am, then to Target pharmacy.
Only to find we were an hour early to get any prescriptions filled!
Oh well, we shopped.

We went home planning on resting all day-but I wasn't able to nap.  Too much on my mind, I guess!
I'm still exhausted and not recovered yet...
 We had a follow up consultation with the allergist that I love 2 days later.  Dax was no better (she also thought the ER doctor was an idiot for prescribing the Amoxicillan), his ear drum was on the verge of bursting (which it eventually did 2 days later- 5th perforated ear drum for this poor guy.  We are getting his tube replaced this Thursday, thank God), and she said he "sounded like he was drowning" with each breath.  So he's on a better antibiotic and breathing treatments and steroids and the list never ends.

His bloodwork also came back.  He shows no allergies (neither does Ada- yay!)- but his Vitamin D is low.  So that's an easy thing to focus on.

He also has REALLY low IgG antibodies.  That's an immune system thingamajig.  He has some other low things that showed up, so Dr. Dickens officially diagnosed him with an immune deficiency.  Transient Hypogammaglobulinemia in Infancy.  
She said he will almost 100% grow out of - usually between the ages of 2-6.  She also took a culture of his sinus to see if we can get a hold on what type of bacteria is invading this poor baby's respiratory system.  
She thinks it's resistant to common antibiotics. 

So now we have some more thinking to do about me working next year.  Casey caved a few months ago and said the decision was mine.  I decided to continue working- and have been excited about saving money, possibly buying a larger SUV, and enjoying the lifestyle that we currently have.  
But now I'm not sure how responsible it would be to send Dax to daycare with an immune deficiency.  I need to make a decision soon, so I will keep you all updated!  
I'll be nervous about being a stay-at-home-Mom if that's what happens...

A little illness and immune deficiency can't keep this boy down, though!  He's still running-and-gunning like usual.  I thought these pictures were cute after bath time tonight-


Haffner's World said...

My cousin's little boy had that! He is 5 now and grew out of it around 4! Prayers coming your way :)

Alicia said...

Thanks, D'Ann!! Did she stay home with him?? If so, was he still sick all of the time??

Alicia said...

Also- did he end up with Asthma or anything? I'm so worried about his little chest always being so congested!

Megan said...

Dax is so happy looking even at the hospital! What a trooper! So with the immune deficiency is the goal to keep him from being exposed to so much? Deciding whether to stay home is a big decision. If it is what you decide I have no doubt you will succeed. I thought it was a bit of an adjustment getting used to a slower pace, but in the end I much prefer it, And you might surprisingly find extra money staying home, esp since you have two in daycare. At least that was my experience. We spent less on groceries bc i was more organized for example. A short stay home with your kids would be unforgettable. I cannot imagine you would regret it. And Kay would def take you back ASAP! but I am biased of course. I will be praying for Dax's next set of tubes!

Megan said...


Alicia said...

Thanks Megan!! And, if I do stay home- I can't wait to hang out all the time!! :) :)

The Borgman's said...

Oh you sweet, poor woman. Staying at home is hard and there is a ton of sacrafice. My middle name is sacrafice. lol But in the end I am sure you will make the decision that is best for your family. You are in my thoughts!

The Borgman's said...

...and if there was a love button on blogger I would love Megan's post!