The Cat Practical

We've been dissecting a cat for the last 1.5 weeks in Anatomy.  It's a difficult, exhausting, stinky time- and I was dreading the practical (the lab test- you leave 30+ cats out all day, with different organs, muscles, glands, etc pinned for them to name as they rotate about the room on a timer).  So I got lazy and just gave a paper-based Cat Practical (much easier to set up and grade). 

I haven't fully recovered from my all-nighter in the ER with Dax Monday night (will blog about soon)- so I was feeling a little loopy.  And I decided to give them a few "fluffy" questions to help their grade a bit.  These are a few pages from their practicals- I can still hear the intermittent giggles as they discovered these during the test!

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