A day of appointments, and a lost tube...

Yesterday was the kids' appointment with the new allergist (among a slew of other appointments as well, as shown below!).  Whom I LOVE by the way!  Her initial thought was that they could possibly just be deficient in Vitamin D (exclusively breastfed, sublock wearers, little sunlight during the week, etc)- so they both had bloodwork done yesterday, and I'm anxious to get the results back. 

Another conversation we had that left me feeling reassured, validated, and not-so-crazy:
Me: We've seen an allergist in Katy twice- Tamboli- and we were very unsatisfied with her clinic's approach or customer service.
Dr. Dickens:   I actually used to work in that office with Tamboli.
Me: Gulp.
Dr. Dickens: I actually left because I was not happy with the direction that they were taking, and that's why I began my own practice. 
Me (to myself): I love you.

I'll keep you posted.
Sweet girl at the allergist.  She was so good, and sat so brave for her food allergy test!  (All negative- I knew they would be, but am so glad we can scratch that off of our list of things to worry about!)

After the allergist and blood draw- taking a lunch break at Chick-Fil-A!

He thinks he's so funny lately, trying to eat like a dog.  He literally puts his face in the bowl or plate and gobbles.

Shall I dip in ketchup or honey mustard?  I think I'll go plain.

MorMor was a lifesaver today!  She'd take one kid out of the office and entertain them in the lobby while another kid had their appiontment, blood drawn, or vaccinations. 

I cropped MorMor out of these two pictures so she wouldn't disown me for publishing them- but had to post them because I think they are so adorable of Ada Bug!!  She's getting so big and pretty.

Long rough day.  It got rougher- read on.
Both doctors who looked in Dax's ears mentioned some "dry stuff" or "crystallization" around his left tube.  They referred me to call Dr. Duncan (the ENT) and his team for steps to take to get this off.  (Sounded basic enough- bubble some hydrogen peroxide in there to clear it up)  The nurse never returned my phone call last night. 

This morning, Dax woke up with massive amounts of discharge sitting in that ear.  And the little black tube nestled in it all.

ARE YOU JOKING!?!??!?!  We are going to have to get up, fast, put him under anesthesia, and replace this tube AGAIN.  I'm so beyond furious I don't even feel angry.  They are squeezing us into the "walk-in" appointment today at 4:30- we are supposed to get there as early as possible to "get in line" and wait several hours to be seen.  Again, I'll keep you posted.  Bleh.


Another Texas Family said...

Oh no!! It never ends! Very interesting about the vitamin D. I'll be curious to see what the results are! I'm 99.9% sure our little girl is deficient.

Amy said...

Lily, who is just a few months older than Dax, has also started eating off of her plate like a dog! I don't remember my other 2 kids doing that and it makes me laugh every time she does it!

So sorry about the tubes. That is just awful. I hope he gets some relief soon.