ENT Appointment. Chipped Tooth. Cinco de Mayo.

We brought Dax back to the ENT after the "premature" loss of his ear tube (ahem- 2 weeks) - 
the doctor decided he wants to wait to replace it until we give Dax some time to see "if the vicious cycle has been broken." 
(Vicious cycle: congestion --> ear infection --> antibiotics --> beneficial bacterial also killed --> weakened immune system --> congestion --> ear infection --> etc.)  
I wanted to point out that the cycle is probably, in fact, still vicious- since it was congestion and an ear infection that popped the tube out in the first place.  But I kept my mouth shut.  

I asked about ear infections being related to dairy.  He shot me down (along with our regular pediatrician).  I'm still not buying it- and I'm going to continue giving it a shot.  I have found far too much research supporting my idiocy.
"Yes, Dr. Duncan, I have a question.  Are you going to put my tube back in?

So, in the meantime, Dax is back on antibiotics.  And he chipped his two front teeth.
We have NO CLUE when or how Dax knocked about 25% of each front tooth out.  He already had a really cute little gap, but now I'd just call it gaping.  You can get it fixed- but it requires another round of general anesthesia.  We have to fix it though- he's a biter, and it would be cruel to his classmates and sister if we left him with shark teeth.  I'm so sad about this whole thing. :(

So what do you do after a rough week of appointments and disappointments?  Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at your favorite Mexican food restaurant!!  (By accident, might I add- we were just going to out to eat on Saturday because Mommy didn't feel like cooking and/or cleaning dinner!)
There was a Dora bounce house!

No mam!  Give that to Mommy...

There was a face paint artist there!

There was a clown making balloons there!  Needless to say, Dax's popped shortly after this picture was taken...

I'm representin' Katy HS Student Council 2010-2011.

Looks like Mommy is the only one bothered by the snaggletooth situation... I love you, sweet Dax!  We are going to get your life issue-free sooner or later!  (Probably not.  Is that possible to do for a rambunctious boy??)


Megan said...

What restaurant had that party? Looks fun! And I can't believe Dax did that to his teeth! Ha! He should have given you a break and waited on that one. The twins both have a chipped front tooth. It's really twilight-y weird actually. Grey did it first. And like you - I have no idea how. Then a couple months later I noticed the same exact tooth was chipped in the same exact spot on Luke. I guess it was in their DNA to have that tooth chipped. :) But there's isn't bad at all, so we didn't fix them. Dax sure did a number!

Alicia said...

Hey! It's Fajita Willies- a SUPER casual (inexpensive) chain that has a sandbox, so we go almost every weekend! And that is SO CRAZY about the twins chipped teeth!!! Almost eerie. I'll keep you posted on what we end up having to do about Dax's-going to a pedi dentist on Wednesday!