Drew Purdy: Texas A&M Former Student!

My "baby" brother is now a Texas A&M graduate!!!  Drew graduated on Friday May 11 with a BS in Urban Planning.  I love that he is Class of '12!  Whoop!  
So proud of you Drewby!
Boring picture of his gift- but I am kind of proud of the idea!!  

Failing to get a picture of me with the kids outside of the newly renovated MSC- it is AMAZING!  Gorgeous architecture, and maintains that 60s vibe of the A&M campus.  I love it!

There's a decent one!  Although you still can't see the MSC very well...

Attempting to walk Dax to sleep during the 3 hour graduation ceremony- not happening.  He was way too interested in waving at people and watching security guards lock families out that arrived too late to get a seat.  It was PACKED!

The man of the hour!

Kids' first trip to Northgate!  :)

High five good job love you!
THen we went out to eat at La Bodega with my Mom, Steve, Audrey, Eric, Drew, + me and the kids- it was an awesome time, awesome food, awesome day!!  So proud of my little brother!

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Knox said...

Congratulations! And I am SO FREAKIN' JEALOUS of your La Bodega dinner!