Mother's Day

Ohhh my goodness, what a glorious weekend.  I just adore spring- we *live* outside, playing as a family.  I thought last Spring could not be topped (maternity leave, new baby, adorable 2 year old)- but this Spring is definitely just as perfect.
We spent Saturday shopping, running errands, and trying out a burger joint a few miles from the house called "Clay's"- why have we waited so long to go!?  It will definitely become a permanent fixture in our weekends out and about now.  Sandbox.  Huge yard.  Pony rides.  Outdoor patio.  Perfect.
 Then Sunday was Mother's Day.  Moms get 2 days a year- Mother's Day and their birthday.  Mother's Day is 100x more special to me than my birthday.  Birthdays are about the old me.  A kid with toys, a teenager and clothes, a drunk college student, etc.  But I cherish being a mom waaaayyy more than anything else.  So bring on the special treatment, Mother's Day!  
I just wanted to have a normal 'ole Sunday- but soak it up more than usual.  Let Casey worry about everything.  Manage it all.  Do all of the work.  (Not that he doesn't do a TON already- but I didn't want to lift a finger.  Not one!)
After breakfast we threw our bathing suits on and headed to the backyard!

Eeeeeee!  Now that the water isn't so cold each weekend- Dax is really embracing this outdoor bathtub thing!

My loves.


Casey grilled hamburgers and hot dogs!

Ada only ate chips...

Dax testing out his dare-devil tendencies... he crawled out of the pool onto that chair.  That's where I put a stop to things.

Casey put a few more screws in the playhouse so it'd be easier to move around the yard (without it coming apart)- Ada helped. :)

Turning into a fish in front of my eyes.  Or, more like a salamander.  That slithers backwards.

Petting Murphy.  Poor dog- it consisted more of slapping and fur pulling...

Pushing Ada's pink stroller around.

Wearing his Sweetish Baby Mother's Day shirt!!!!  Eating at Fajita Willie's for dinner- another weekend must!

One of my favorite parts of the day were the cards I got.  Casey's card was so sweet- and had Coldplay tickets in it!!!!
And Dax and Ada's card was perfect- and perfectly signed by Ada.  She wrote all of that- including "LOVE" (well, except for the "&"- that was Daddy)-  LOVE her!
And, Happy Mother's Day to all of our mothers and grandmothers, too!  MiMi, Grams, Honey, MorMor!

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