Remember this picture of Dax posing nude on Ada's new chair?

Well, here is Dax hanging out on his own new chair!  Also nude...

Remember Casey in Dax's sunglasses from the last post?

Here is Dax in some ridiculous glasses of his own...
These are Mr. Potato head glasses.  He found them, put them on himself, and wore them around the house for quite a while!  It was after this declaration of love for eyewear that I began putting his blue sunglasses on him - he thinks he is hot stuff in those things!


Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

Ummm. I finally just caught up on your blog:
1. I wish I could squoosh Dax's bottom its sO FREAKING CUTE
2. OMG about Dax and his immune def. I am thinking and praying that you guys make the right decision and there is a resounding peace that follows it :-) Love yall and you deserve the WORLD for how awesome of a mom you have been and how great you have done about stying on top of these dumbass (excuse me) doctors.
3. Tell Casey congrats from Us! that is so awesome!
4. We need to do lunch. again. soon. seriously.

Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

oh ya.
5. Ada has really turned into (and always has been) such a beautiful little girl! She looks so big and grown up in these pictures I can not believe it! Her hair is so pretty!!!!!

Alicia said...

Thanks, Lady!! I know, I NEEEED another lunch date soon, too! I miss you. If I stay home, can we PLEASE have coffee dates and playdates or zoo dates or children's museum dates or something on your down days??? :)