Daddy's Triathlon!

Casey has been training for the CapTex Triathlon (1mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6 mile run) in Austin for 2 months or so- so this weekend we packed up the kids, got a hotel in downtown Austin, and made a family fun trip out of it!  We had an awesome time, and we are so proud of Daddy!!!
Cool kids along for the ride on Sunday getting Casey registered and his bike dropped off.
 Then we headed to the Austin Zoo-
We hit up the choo-choo train!

Cutie pie.  Who know what's all over that face...

Their little zoo was pretty great- they had things from roosters and turkeys roaming free, to wild hogs, to wolves, tigers , and lions! However, the most fascinating thing to me was the peacock.  Look at those feathers!  Gorgeous.
 Back to the hotel for some pool time-

The Hyatt had an AWESOME outdoor eating area outside of the lobby restaurant.  The kids were exhausted, hungry, and restless- so I think we could have enjoyed it a little more. But it was still nice!

Favorite pasttime- pushing chairs.

 After dropping $50 on dinner, and the kids eating very little- we scrapped our plans of trying to watch the bats fly out from Congress St Bridge at dusk- and tried to catch it from our room.  
(Where the kids ate their weight in junk food and snacks from home.  Figures!)
Not sure what happened to this picture- but this is the bridge. By the time the bats were flying out it was far too dark to see, and our kids were being far to wild to leave unattended any longer!

This is what they did as Casey and I waited for the never-to-be-seen bats.  Dax twirling Ada in the desk chair.
Around and around and around.

Time for bed!  Trying to settle everyone down with a good bedtime story... 
 The next day- time for the race!!!!  Ready to trek around Austin watching for Daddy!

 Trying to spot Daddy swimming-

Making puppy friends while we wait for Daddy to finish the swim-

We saw him get out of the water and run to his bike!  I didn't get many shots of him during the race because I had enough on my plate with he kiddies- but here's a good one of him starting the bike! 
He's in the blue top-

Making more puppy friends-

Stopping for a snack after watching Daddy finish the bike portion! We have a bit before we need to get over to see him running.

We made it to the running portion to see him once (where we distracted him and he almost tripped on a trashcan in the middle of the road!)- but then we were on the verge of a double meltdown and had to head back to the room to clean up, pack up, and wait to congratulate him there.  What an adventure!

I feel like I have run an Olympic Triathlon, too- after dragging around, entertaining, keeping safe and alive, and mediating arguments between the 1 and 3 year old; while trying to make it to checkpoints to find Casey.  Pat myself on the back!
The most stressful part of the weekend, though- was running out of wipes this morning!  Yikes!!
Congratulations, Casey!  We're so proud of you!!!  Can't wait for the next race and family road trip!  :)

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