The Snaggletooth Stays

Took Dax to the pediatric dentist today to discuss his chipped front teeth.  He did great!
He took a tumble- yet again- in the waiting room of the dentist's office (see the massive red bump?).
I now have a phobia of him knocking his teeth out.  But I suppose that'd be the place to do it!
 Dr. Po decided it's not worth it to fix his chips.  One procedure he could do will pop off too easily, and the other procedure (requiring general anesthesia- not good)- is just "overkill" to do for baby teeth.  

So we are leaving my little guy a snaggletooth.  I'm sad about it, but very relieved he won't be having to undergo anesthesia for something as silly as a tooth.  

Casey and I decided we will fix them if he is teased for them later on.  (Kids are cruel, you know! I had a bit of a snaggletooth of my own before I had braces and was totally made fun of for them!)

After the dentist, our mommy-bubby date was ON!
We ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A.
We decided to go to the Children's Museum! 
Sorry for the picture quality... that's not a rash on his chin, either.  It's a reflection from all of the window decor.  :)

My little man. Wish I could catch a non-blurry picture of him once in a while!


"vrrrooommmm!" (PS: he carried this blue spatula around with him the entire time!)


Dax had so much fun playing my pop-in-and-whistle-at-him-in-the-ball-pit game, a random patron asked to take this picture for me, because it was too cute to miss.  Thanks, Dayja's Dad!

Oh, his giggle when he discovered these little miniature house scenes was so cute.
So, all in all- a great day!  I've come to grips with the snaggles (thanks to the dentist, for pointing out that it just makes him look more manly to be covered in bruises with chipped teeth!)- and I had a great time on our date.  Love this baby!

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