1st Moody Gardens Trip of 2012

Palm Beach is officially open for the 2012 season at Moody Gardens- and today was a "members only" day.  So we packed up and made a day of the aquarium, Palm Beach, and lunch/dinner with MiMi and Steven on Seawall Blvd!  Awesome, awesome day. :)

I LOVE Dax's face in this picture!

Ada playing in the sand while we all finished her lunch.

Aye, what's down below, matees?

That pirate has a third arm!

That pirate has a snaggletooth!

Ada being a big, brave girl going down the waterside all by herself!

Dax would screech and giggle the entire way down the slide- and immediately begin whining as soon as we slowed down to get back up and go again. (He was so excited, he couldn't sign "more" right- he kept accidentally signing "eat")

This red one was a little slower (less water pressure at the top)- and look how unimpressed he is as we come down!
My kids just love penguins.

Snaggletooth in the shark cage.

We brought many stuffed animals that we knew we'd see today- in addition to the shark, we also had a penguin and an octopus.  

Holding his shark, watching the seals.

We got to see MiMi and Steve afterwards! 

MiMi and her monkey.

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