Tubes Take 2 (5 weeks later)

Daxy Bear got his left tube replaced yesterday (remember it fell out 2 weeks after getting it)- he was such a trooper with the fasting, waiting (Dr. Duncan was over an hour late, per usual), and anesthesia. 
The combination of being suctioned out, the fresh tubes (they ended up just re-doing both, to be safe.), and taking an antibiotic that *finally* seems to be working is making him feel SO MUCH better.  He was a different kid as soon as we were home and the anesthesia wore off!
7:20am- Waiting!

Entertaining himself wandering around the waiting room.

Entertaining himself with his surgery paperwork.

Entertaining himself by abusing MiMi.  Thank you SO MUCH for coming, Mom!! Definitely couldn't have done it alone.

Entertaining himself by eating the hammer.

Entertaining himself by climbing up and jumping on tables in the waiting rooom.

Entertaining himself by begging other children in the waiting room for food.  He followed this kid around for a good 15 mintues giving him the puppy dog eyes, trying to get him to offer him some goldfish.  Poor baby.
Entertaining himself in pre-op by trying to completely shut himself inside of the wagon.
 Cute story- while we were waiting in the pre-op area where a nurse was taking his vitals and discussing his current medications, she let him hold her thermometer.  He successfully turned it on and swiped it across her forehead, taking a nearly accurate temperature! 
He is destined to be a male nurse.  :)

Another cute pre-op story. 
Dr. Duncan came over to explain the procedure (again), and Dax stared at him intently, nodding very seriously the entire conversation.  As if he were comprehending every word Duncan was saying.  It was so darn cute!
Not quite as fooled by the fun red wagon this time - getting a little apprehensive.

Since tubes alone is such a quick surgery, he didn't have nearly as much anesthesia this time (not even an IV!  Yay!)-
he was MUCH more peaceful and agreeable while waking up this time.  He was being such a snuggle bug!! 
I loved it- can I get some over the counter anesthesia to occasionally use at home!?!?
So, here we are again.  2 fresh tubes. A successful antibiotic (fingers crossed).  Almost summer.  I think this boy has a shot at a good, healthy few months ahead!  He deserves it. 
He is such a precious (sometimes stinker) trooper!
We go for his check up and hearing test in 2 weeks- praying for no hearing loss!!?? 
Is that even possible after 5 burst ear drums in one ear?

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