So, the top 5 on my bucket list is wishy washy, but in it is definitely to see Coldplay in London.  
I am OBSESSED with Coldplay (and London)..  
Our first dance was to "Yellow" nearly 6 years ago-

And for Mother's Day, Casey surprised me with tickets to see them in concert!!! 
This is us before leaving for the show on Monday night.  I'm SO GIDDY!

He splurged on good seats!  This was the bar behind our section- 
where we hung out for 2 hours waiting for them to go on.  
We actually ran into my sweet friend Alex Luton back here!  Love her!  
(No picture, it was terrible of me, LOL!)

They're about to start!  I'm about to pee my pants!

Everyone was given one of these wrist bands at the door-

And they lit up and pulsed with the music!  It was incredible!

OMG, I'm about to die.


I almost passed out right here.

Such a cool show!

 OMG, I'm dying again.  Christ Martin!

Christ Martin at the piano!  Dying!

Yellow lights for "Yellow" :)

Band up close- playing an awesome song.  Can't remember which.  They're all awesome. :)

I don't know- cool lights, I guess?

Us with the stage in the background!

For the "encore" they surprised the audience by popping up in the middle of the crowd!  
Same row as us, just a few sections away!  

I definitely waited in line and overpaid for a t-shirt.  
And definitely wore it bright and early the next day to gymnastics! 

I had the BEST time- I wish I had taken 1,000 pictures.  But I was trying to just stay "in the moment", and who are we kidding- no one but me cares to see them (the pictures).  Ha!  
I hope that I can cross Coldplay in London off of my bucket list someday- 
but if not, this will DEFINITELY suffice.  It was an incredible show!

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The Borgman's said...

OMG.....so jealous and excited fro you in one. This is on the bucket list for sure and so is Mr. Buble'.....ahhh...swoon.