Dax- 15 months

I can't believe my BABY is 15 months old!  He is such a funny joy to be around- 
with bouts of misbehavior that are more comical than naughty.  Here are things that I want to remember years from now about Daxy Boy at this age:

Common words (none pronounced well, and in very random order): 
HOT (one of his favorites.  Everything is HOT!), truck, cat (more frequently the meow), yum (uuummm!), dog, lamp, duck, bird, fan (questionable, but obsessed with the rotation), red (also questionable, but consistently points to red items and repeats same sound! "wuh"), no-no, uh-oh, WOH!, yeah, ball, pig (followed by snort), monkey (ok, only once so it probably doesn't count.  But it was soo cute!), attempts elephant (unsuccessfully, usually just "fuh"- whatevs!), Ada ("Da"), bath, milk, boobie (bubbah), belly button ("beh-butt"- one of my faves!), book

Animal sounds: monkey, lion/bear/alligator/tiger/anything unknown (roar), pig, duck, horse, dog (think small and yappy), cat and cow.  And he thinks a porcupine says "ouch"!  Ha!

Favorite pastimes:  opening and emptying drawers, throwing trash and non-trash away, vacuuming, hide-and-seek (learned yesterday with Daddy and Ada). climbing, backyard play, swimming, chase with Ada, reading books (not so much for the stories or snuggle time- strictly for acquiring information), dancing/listening to music, watching Murphy, playing with Murphy, playing catch or kick-the-ball, GYMNASTICS (he's obsessed!).

Favorite foods: cheese sticks, nuggets, pasta, avocado, berries (all), bananas, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato fries, chips, beans, chicken, yogurt (although this has become an issue because he desperately wants to feed himself, and I desperately want to avoid the mess), tea (he wants whatever is in my cup), eggs, sausage.

The many faces of Dax Christian Dowell-

Mischievous (he's in time-out here)

Relaxed (rare)


Having FUN!


So handsome
Dax dancing at our zoo trip to some African music.  I missed the best part: this little hula number with his arms, but I got some decent enough material to share! :)

And this is Dax's "WWWWOHHHHH!" that he loves to pull out any chance he gets.  Rocking in the rocking chair?  WOHHH!  Riding a carousel? WOHH!  See something interesting?  WOHHHH!

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