Last loan paid off! And I quit my job...

We made our last payment towards my student loan last week!  I know it's rude to discuss numbers, but- can I just say that $70k of debt GONE after 5 years feels SO AMAZING!  (Casey's loan=$30k.  My loan= $18k.  Car = $22k.)
It's kind of ironic that all of Casey's loan and half of mine were from graduate school-
which each of us abandoned the summer of 2007.
Oh well, it was worth the extra couple of years in College Station, my favorite place on earth!  :)

Pearl the Altima- paid off! :)

So, what are we going to do with nearly $1000 less of bills to pay each month now?  
Nothing, because I quit my job.  :)

Dax's blood work came back last week, and his immune system 
(IgG, and Hib (common chest bacteria) resistance) didn't improve.  
He's been doing AMAZING this summer, and it was just made very clear that his 
improvements are because he's out of a daycare setting, 
not because his immunity is increasing.

So we made the VERY difficult decision that I resign as Chemistry and Anatomy teacher, and Student Council sponsor at Katy High School.  I do love my job (although this year was rough!), 
and we LOVE the kids' school- but this is just what is best for Dax for now.  
Ada will go to a Christian preschool a few days a week, 
for now she's on a waiting list and we three are having a blast at home 
(and around Houston).  :)  
Zoo trip on Friday- blog post coming soon! :)


Another Texas Family said...

Congrats all around!

Alicia said...

Thank you lady!!!! Every time I think about "budget", I think about you guys!! I might be contacting you soon for creative activities and outings to do with the kids while we're home, now! :)

Megan said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on it all!!!!

Another Texas Family said...

Absolutely! I've got LOTS of ideas! AND....since you won't be working in the fall, you should plan a roadtrip up here to visit (it's only been 6 years, lol!). We have an extra bedroom and lots of fun things around (which you know). And the kiddos would totally love playing.