Gymnastics Part II

I promise I am not going to email weekly Gymnastics updates- 
I do realize there are boundaries, and that would be crossing one. :)  
But, I was able to bring my cell phone into Dax's Gymnastics class today, 
and thought I'd share some of the pictures I snapped of him in Gymnast mode.

First of all, I made "egg muffins" for the first time today, and the kids (and I) devoured them!
Ada even claimed that she felt stronger at Gymnastics, 
and was going to start eating "strong" food from now on.  
An epiphany, perhaps!?

"Seriously, Mom?  With the pictures?"

Loving ball time.

Slam dunking balls left and right.

His favorite part of today.  We found an even larger one later on in the class, and he'd hang on to it while I rolled it (and him) over- he couldn't get enough!

Still shots are few and far between...

Patiently waiting his turn to get drum sticks out to practice some beats. :)

Refueling with a snack while Ada goes to her Gymnastics class.
 I got more cute ones of Ada last week, but I caught a few more today that I can't help but upload. :)

Grams and PaPa came to watch again today!  They fly back out to Dubai tonight- but they'll be moving back in just a few short months!  YAY!

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