Pretty Face...

The Good News: We met some neighborhood friends at the pool tonight!  
After living here for almost 4 years, we hardly know ANY of our neighbors, 
and no one seems to have small kids.  
So at the pool this evening we finally found another young family.  Yay!

The Bad News: My family let me meet, talk to for an hour, and swap numbers with the Mom looking like this:
In case you can't tell, my hair is a mess, lips chapped, & mascara is smeared all over my face.
My typical wierd facial expressions just seem EXTRA cooky in this state of dishevel.  


jnhc99 said...

laughed so hard (still am) that I slapped my knee. Really. Slapped my knee.

Another Texas Family said...

That's so funny. My husband would have been like 'what? What's wrong? I don't notice anything?!' Lol