Serious Photo Dump!

Wow, we've kept busy this summer!!  We are having a BLAST.  I try to catch snippets of it with my phone.  Not always gracefully, not always successfully, but always attempting.  :)

Here are a bunch of random pictures I've taken over the last few weeks documenting what we've been up to!!

We've had lots of playdates with our friends!

And MiMi playdates, too!  

And a TON of MorMor playdates, too- why do I never take pictures of MorMor?  
(Because we're too busy lounging on the couch drinking coffee together, that's why!!)
That'll change tomorrow.  
We're going to her house to go swimming at her YMCA, and then hopefully Christian's, too!!!

We've been playing in our back yard- swimming, sand table, etc!

Ada being a mermaid in her mermaid tail and goggles!!
 We're still going to gymnastics- we LOVE it!!  We are definitely going to continue classes in the fall.

Cooking with Mommy!  She chopped that mushroom all by herself!  
She actually picked it out and requested we put it in our spaghetti sauce herself, too.  
When I asked her last night at dinner what she wanted to be: "I want to cook in a restaurant!"  
Then declared we needed to buy a bigger house and set up a restaurant in it...

We graduated from the highchair to a booster seat!  AND feeding ourselves with a big boy spoon!
I was so proud of him for being so neat and tidy while feeding himself his yogurt that I took this picture.
 I turn my back for one minute, and he did this-

We are also doing some good 'ole relaxing, too.  Love it!

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