Summer At Last!

Summer is finally here- we were so ready!!  We have a lot planned for the next few months- Gymnastics, swimming lessons, things to learn, places to go, people to see.  I have a feeling it's going to be our best summer yet.  If it's anything like the last 2 days, SIGN. ME. UP!

We (I) made a schedule/agenda board for us to put up our to-do list everyday.  I read THIS blog post about kids thriving on structure and routine, and knew I wanted to make something cute and fun for us to schedule our day together each morning.  This is our first day-
We got hasty and forgot to include dinner.  I joked with someone earlier that it was intentional- if they don't do their chores, then they don't get their dinner.  :)  I did create a "dinner" option, however I DID forget to make a "bedtime."  That's the most important part of the day!!
 Yesterday (the first "official" day of our summer) phenomenal.  
We took some of the kids' old clothes to a resale shop- and picked up some items while we were there.  For a whopping net cost of $24, we came hime with a princess bike (with training wheels), a huge easel, a vacuum cleaner for Dax (he and Ada fight over hers, especially if I'm actually vacuuming), and a wooden train track set that I stored away for when Dax is old enough.  
And about 10 My Little Ponies.  And a pink bow.  
I think that's it....

Then we piddled on over to the Pet Store because Murphy needed dog food.  We left with 100lbs of dog food (literally), and this-

A pet fish!  That Ada named Fast!  
(Then later added a sur name, Nemo.  So his full name is now Fast Nemo.)
She is taking SUCH great care of her fish- she watches over him and "plays" with him.  
Reminds me of his meal times. Wonders what he's up to when we're away.  
Asks him if he slept well.  Asking him if his eyes are like goggles- and if not, if he needs a pair?  
It's pretty darn cute.
Ada and Fast.

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Megan said...

Fast. Adorable!! I like the routine chart. My nephew had a beta fish. One time when we were over there playing, Luke picked him up out of his tank and threw him on the carpet. I could never figure out what that was about, so fish are banned around here.