Gymnastics Day 1!

I just went back and read THIS post about a day of gymnastics with Ada when she was about 20 months old- 2 summers ago.  That is why I keep this blog- it is so fun to go back to any point in time and fill my memory with cuteness!  I'd forgotten she used to call gymnastics "Nasties". :) 

Both kids are taking gymnastics at The Little Gym this summer- Ada went to school 2 days a week last summer, and we didn't do anything else fun since Dax was a newborn. So we're living it up this summer. :)

I didn't get any pictures of Dax at his class today- I have to actually be in the mix with him, and he's a wild banshee that would have flipped over the bars and jumped off of the balance beam if I'd let him.  
But I was able to get a few of Ada, since PaPa was there to watch Dax so I could watch Ada!  
After this week, they'll be back in Dubai and I probably won't get to soak up as much of Ada's class as I did today since I'll be busy keeping Dax alive and out of women's purses.  :)

*These are in particular order*
Ada is in the top left corner of the picture in the white tank top.  Sitting and listening quietly- she was SUCH a good girl.  I got to see a part of her today that her teachers always brag about.  A wonderful, wonderful student!

Small balance beam- being cautious!

Transferring to another station.

Rolling on the big cirlce- supposed to help with form on forward rolls- but all of the kids kept popping their heads up to watch ahead! 
Big balance bean with the coach.

Whizzing past as they jog in a circle!

Warming up!

My little man entertaining himself in the hall during Ada's class.  He was making a wall of chairs here.  

Here he is with PaPa- about to go walking outside, looking for trucks.

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