Goofin' Around

Now that I am no longer on the verge of a nausea-induced coma, we are having fun again! These are just some random shots over the last few weeks (months, almost?) of us goofing around...

Some Saturday mornings we like to go outside and drink our chocolate milk/coffee and wait for the garbage truck- because we're interesting like that.  And yes, this is a body outline around my 18 month old.  :)

Ada picked this lovely outfit out for playing one day....  LOL!

Riding bikes- Ada did a lot of complaining, and Dax pressed Princess music buttons the entire time.  Also, when did Ada learn how to ride a bike??  I was trying to teach her this summer before morning sickness hit, and then 2 months later she's miraculously pedaling up and down the sidewalk!

Visiting MorMor, "playing" her piano- one of our favorite pastimes!  

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