2 Big Milestones...

1. Ada got her ears pierced!!!!

Sitting in the chair at Claire's waiting for the big moment- I'd told her it would hurt/sting/pinch, but she wasn't quite prepared.  We were VERY close to walking out of the store with only one piercing that night!
This is after the fact, we were piddling around the store trying on goodies (hence the silly glasses)- she was trying so hard to be brave and smile pretty for the picture!  I ADORE this photo.  I adore her!

 2. Dax is sleeping in his big boy bed!!!
I need to post a picture, but Grams and PaPa got Dax bunk beds- they are so awesome!!  So last Sunday Dax made the big transition from crib to bed. 

It was a rocky start (lots of getting up, playing, acting silly)- I even found him in Ada's room at 3am one night playing.  When I went to pick him up, he just looked at me and said "hhhiiiii!!!!!" like it was mid-day!
But after just a few days of relentlessly putting him back in bed every time he got out (with zero attention- except to repeat "STAY IN BED, DAX"), he is doing AWESOME!  He just hops in bed, expects a little snuggle, and lays his head down. I love this picture- 

And remember the roller coaster in Dax's room from MiMi & Steve?  (Video is linked below)  Imagine it is pitch black, and totally silent.  I go to check on him (the monitor was on the fritz- but I've since fixed it so I can see his every move), and realize he's not in bed.  At that moment, I hear him dismount his car on the roller coaster and begin his descent down the tracks.  All I could hear is the rumble of the roller coaster and his giggles of pure joy!  I could NOT help but crack up- I managed to keep it together until I sternly put him back in bed, though!

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Megan said...

such a brave girl. i remember getting mine done so well. i was also four. and i just cannot believe you have dax in a bed. such a big boy.