The New Digs!

OK, here are some A TON of pictures of the new place!!  
I am also posting pictures of a few of the crafts and DIY projects I've completed so far- 
nothing spectacular, but I consider it a spectacular feat that it happened at all with everything that's been going on lately.

Welcome Home!

Front door and foyer- that little door on the left is a half bath-

Nothing spectacular, but I did spruce it up with a soft, white towel  :)

Across the foyer from the bathroom is a nifty little space called a study...

Ooorrrr a nuclear bomb test site.  
That'll hopefully change this weekend- 
I'm going to check out an antique armoire I found on Craigslist today!  
Antique armoire = crap holder.

This is a craft that will eventually be displayed in the office- super large canvases (each purchased on separate days with that beloved 40% Hobby Lobby coupon!) and covered in fabrics.

UPDATE- see the cleaned-up study HERE!

A mudroom- yay!  
Someday I will Pinterest this space.

I have a laundry ROOM- not a laundry closet!  Woo!  
Aka: secondary nuclear bomb test site.  
There is a little nook in that right corner that Casey plans to 
take the baseboards out of so the shelf will fit snugly inside :) 
I will also Pinterest this room someday... in the very distant future.

Dining room with an invisible table and chairs.
And white frames with fabric in it.
And more glossy white Goodwill vases and jugs.

Foyer area still- these vases are from Goodwill for <$1, spray painted a glossy white. Pinterest.  :)
Who loves this mirror?  Meeee!!  
If you love quatrefoil mirrors, don't spend $300.  Don't even spend $70 for the one at Lowe's.  
Go to Hobby Lobby.  When they have their wall decor half off- I only paid $35 for this sucker!  
(Hint: wall decor 50% THIS WEEK!)

Ooohhh, I love my kitchen.

Ohhhh, I love my living room!
Can I just say, thank goodness for such GENEROUS in-laws (Grams and PaPa
who bought us our couch, entertainment center, AND the kids' beds as a housewarming gift.  
If it weren't for them, I'd have no furniture worth picturing!  
FYI: Target rug for $80, Target lampshade for $20. :)

Entertainment center.  
And a scooter.

And let's be honest- pan out a few more feet and this is what it actually looks like...

I LOVE the Ikat pillows purchased at Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby 
(seen in the corners of the couch on the other photo)- 
but these pictured are all homemade or recovered. :) 

AND, the D pillow is actually done with the regular ole sewing machine- 
not the monogramming attachment!  
If you want to know how I did it, let me know.  It's beyond simple. 
Maybe even easier than the monogramming function.

Styled bookcase on a serious budget- more Goodwill vases spray painted.
Hobby Lobby 50% off frames.
Goodwill bookends.
Hobby Lobby gold charger plate- $1!
A silhouette my mom drew of me at age 2.  That was the birth of Baby Shadow.
Don't know who Baby Shadow is?  
Maybe I'll get drunk and blog about my bizarre imagination as a kid someday.

 Covered patio!  
I will not be picturing the rest of the backyard.  It's worse than the study. :)

A MUST HAVE on our checklist.  
Again, more Pinterest ideas that will probably not happen anytime soon.  
I'm pretty much over crafting and decorating for a while- at least a month. :)

Casey's planning on hiding those TV cords, someday!

Ada's cutie-pie room.

She has her own bathroom!!!  
Dax's bathroom is not pictured.  
It's, you know, a bathroom. With toys in the tub, a stool at the sink, and teal rugs.

Dax's Outer Space Room-

Made these- yes those are glow-in the dark sticker stars.  It's bad a$$ at night!

Dax's big boy bunk beds!!!  It's nap time at our house right now.  
If I'm blogging- it's nap time.

And the baby's.... eclectic... nursery. Poor #3!

And the Master Bedroom.  
I do love our room-  but it will take me a while to decide what I really want to do in here.  
Not much can top our old bedroom re-do!  Visit HERE to see it.  

If you don't remember what our old headboard looked like, I painted it and "upholstered" it.  I don't have a link to a DIY- I just kind of read over a bunch of Pinterest projects and winged it.  Wung it.  How do you say "wing it" past tense??
Here's the headboard BEFORE:

And an up close AFTER: 

I also made Euro-shams!  I could NOT find anything I was in love with (or could afford), so I just used leftover fabric from the fabric canvas project to last me until I know what I want to do in here.
Who cares about the back seam?  Me!  And probably my MorMor.. :)
Another DIY project- this is a $20 writing desk I found on Craigslist that sat in the attic for 2 years.  I just sanded the crap out of it and spray painted it a glossy black.  Casey is going to drill some holes in the back of the little cubbies for my cords to discretely fit through! :)

And my last DIY- this lovely end table my Mom gave me!  I loved it before, but wanted something a Kardashian would put in her house.  :)

Terrible lighting, but I love this little nook.  For now it is a laundry dumping ground.  It will soon be a bassinet/rocking chair place.  And eventually, I plan to make it a sitting area... where I can stare at the massive swing set outside my window! :)

Master bath.  Boring... :)

UPDATE: see the engineering prints project I completed for a big blank wall!  :)

And folks, that's my house!  I'll post decorated study pictures as soon as the haz-mat crew comes and clears it for safety!  :) 

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Another Texas Family said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Buying a new house is SOOO exciting. We've lived here 18 months and there's still so much we want to do! I wish I were as crafty as you though. I am going to HAVE to take pictures of our kitchen, dining, living room because it looks just like yours...the large island, the back doors, even all of the appliances are in the same place. Too funny!