2 Months of Random Cuteness...

...aka Photo Dump!

 If you wanted a Thanksgiving post- this is about all I've got!  
Sonshine had a Thanksgiving lunch that Dax and I enjoyed with Ada bug. :)

Actual conversation-
Me: Dax, have you been eating your play-doh??
Dax: Ummmmm.... No?
Rooting for Johnny Football to win the Heisman!  :)

Doing one of our sporadic "lessons"!  She loves them, I don't get them together enough.
This lesson had her create and fill in a chart with different stickers.
Usually it's some random letter tracing or number recognition.  :)
 We went to see Peter Pan the play!  

Play date with our sweet, sweet friends Olivia, Rory, and Reese!  (And their mommies!)
 Playing a game at a birthday party- Dax sitting in Ada's lap melted my heart!  Lasted a whole 65 seconds!

Brain freezes and sugar highs at Frozen Yogurt!

This cracked me up- this just illustrates Dax's proficiency with technology at the ripe age of 21 months (accidental or intentional, it still amazes me).  He can effortlessly navigate the iPad- he knows which folder all of the fun apps are in, which apps he likes, and is learning how to actually operate a few of them.  
I pulled up my photo album and found this.  (This is a screen shot)  Dax had gotten my phone, unlocked it, pulled up the camera, switched the lens (so he could see himself on the screen), and proceeded to take hundreds of self portraits!!  Hilarious!
Dax singing along with Phillip Phillips's "Home" in his carseat-

Ada showing her ballet positions, Dax stealing the spot light in the background-

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