Christmas 2012- Part 3

Santa came!  :)

We baked cookies for him....
(I, may I brag, also baked the most ridiculously delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.  Here is the super easy recipe.)

And he ate them!  And dropped off lots of presents. :)

This is a video of the kids finding out that Santa did actually come- Ada woke up in the morning, checked the gameroom, saw there were no gifts, and went back to bed.  Break a mama's heart!!!  So she was quite relieved to find she had in fact been good enough all year for gifts!!!

Scooting in her new scooter  :)
Dax pushing his lawn mower around- 

And as generous as Santa was at our house- he just can't compete with MiMi & Steve and Grams & PaPa!  Here are some cute pictures and videos of the kids with their gifts from family-

Dax riding his roller coaster- he also enjoys riding this in the pitch black, now that he's in his "big boy bed" and has the freedom to escape!  
(More on that later- he's actually doing AWESOME! Finally...)

And the kids with their new red Camaro!  :)

Videos of them driving are hilarious, why not post several??
Ada driving- nice and responsible.

Dax driving- wild and reckless.

Listen to them "wooooooooooo"-ing the entire time!

Jammin' while cruising down the street-

And here my little hooligans, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!  Or "Meh meh" as Dax could get out-  (Ada 4, Dax 21 mos)

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