Ada's Stage Debut :)

We have joined a church near our house- Second Baptist Church- and we really love it.  Well, Casey and I love it.  Dax is still on the fence.  And Ada SERIOUSLY LOVES it!  

The preschool Sunday School classes go to this thing called "GiGL" every Sunday ("Growing in God's Love")- where they sing and dance, etc.  The GiGL preschoolers had the chance to sing "Emmanuel" in front of Big Church with the choir on stage during December if they wanted to participate.  
Ada ate it up- and I ate her up!  
She practiced all week leading up to her 3 minutes of fame- it was adorable, and totally melted my heart.

And here is a 3-4 min video of her performance.  LLLOOOVVVEEE!
(Ada is in the front row, 3rd-ish kid from the left- you can spot her little red sweater, leopard skirt, and red tights.  Sometimes you can spot her on the big screen, too!)

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