I am still pregnant; and we went to the Cotton Bowl!

I am still pregnant.  And growing.  And complaining but secretly enjoying it.  :)  We still don't know the gender of Baby #3- I am so excited that we have waited!  However- I will be SHOCKED if this baby pops out a girl.  I am 95% positive that there's another little boy in there. :)
22 weeks

31 weeks.  It is WAY bigger in person.

Cotton Bowl!  Aggies dominated!
And our tickets were a gift from Grams and PaPa- so it was a real treat to actually sit close enough to see the game on the field!  (Unlike our season tickets in the nosebleed, ha!)

A "bro pho" at the Cotton Bowl- so good to see old friends!

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Megan said...

you of course look amazing. you are getting so close to the end. wow. but time is flying for me. i feel like i just gave birth but my baby is 7 weeks already. i can't wait to see if your baby is a little him or her, so i imagine you are really excited. p.s. my shift key is broken. it feels so weird to not have exclamation points or capitalization...