Christmas 2012- Part 2

As insane as it was around here for the past 2 months, we have had a wonderful Christmas season!  Here are some random pictures I snapped throughout- 

We did lots of baking-

We went to a birthday party for Jesus at Ada's school, Sonshine- there was a live Nativity Scene, lots of crafts, and a PETTING zoo!

 We took a trip to the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens on my birthday- it was awesome!  We've (I've) always wanted to go, and I hope we can make it a tradition to go on my birthday each year.  :)
4D Polar Express!  Dax sat in my lap the whole time and just said "WOOOHHH!!!  WWWOOOWWW!!!  COOOOOLLL!!"  Well, "cool" comes out "tool"- but I knew what he meant.  :)

We wore silly reindeer antlers all day one day! 

 We went to church and had a candlelight service for Christmas- Ada got to come, and loved the candlelight part!  She was pretty bored and antsy for the rest....

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Megan said...

i forgot about the festival of lights. we did that two years ago and loved it. i will have to put that on our calendar next year. it looks like yall had a blast.