Neglected Blog!

WOW- I don't think I've ever gone 2 months without blogging before!  I know you have all been waiting at the edge of your seats for my next post... :)

I haven't blogged much because we have been beyond busy- we bought a new home.  We kept our old home.  We moved into new home.  We prepared old home for renters.  We rented out old home.  We continued moving into new home.  We managed old home.  We decorated new home.  We are still not done decorating new home.  We had Thanksgiving.  We had Christmas. We had regular daily life still happening.  I am growing a third baby still.  Ahh!  I am making it my goal for this week to catch the blog up- so get ready!

Here are a *few* pictures of the moving process.  I will post pictures of the new house ASAP- It's pretty much ready, I just haven't taken pictures yet and now is not a good time (nap time, lunch time, messy play time, etc).  That will have to be a separate post!
We just bought a house- what have we done!

The day we closed- Welcome Home!

I've been hard at work on DIY projects and crafts.  I will include pictures of everything when I post about the new house!

We LOVE our new neighborhood.  Bridgeland in Cypress if you didn't know.  There are lots of lakes, and this is an undeveloped part of one of the lakes behind our little section.  Casey took the kids fishing one afternoon.

Well, Casey fished, Ada hunted bunnies, and Dax ran amuck!  

I adore them!
More to come very soon!

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