At the Park- Videos

We went to the park yesterday and I decided to get a few videos of the kids just playing- I want to remember what they're like at this age forever!  
(As infuriated as I actually am with them at this moment, I still can't get enough of their cuteness.  They were total turds this morning, ha!)

There are two more videos that I'm having trouble uploading.  If I can get them up, I will update this post with those as well. :)

One of the cutest things Dax says is "HELLO, (insert name)!"- I got him to say "HELLO, MOM!" in this one.  This also has some cute Ada in it.

This is Dax's physical prowess climbing a ladder, and saying another one of my favorite sayings of his, "PRETTY DAY!"

I *HOPE* the other two upload- because they're just so cute.  :)
Update: Yay!  Click HERE to see the other two- got them uploaded!

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