More Tee-Ball Cuteness

Oh my gosh.  I decided I needed some video footage of Ada playing tee-ball this week because pictures just don't do the cuteness justice.  
I just cannot get enough of it!  So, here are some clips of her in action (playing pretty darn awesome!), and a few of what brother does to occupy himself during the games as well. :)

Ada at bat, hitting the ball, and running (and tripping) to 1st base. She's such a trooper!  A better sport than most of the boys on her team, I can tell you that much.

Sprinting to 2nd-

Coming around to 3rd- look how tiny she is!

And booking it home to score 1 of her 2 points!!!  So fast!

Playing 3rd base- crouched and ready for a ball to come her way!
(And brother wanting in on the action)

Shuffling her feet in the dirt like a pro- She also hits her glove with her fist as she waits on the batter, too.  I wish I'd caught it on video because it's to die for!!!

More 3rd base action- chasing down a ball-

And here are some things that Dax does while Ada plays-
He walks around.

He skirts the outfield looking for bugs and lost balls.

He climbs trees with PaPa.
(Thanks for the awesome pictures, and for preventing any broken limbs, PaPa!)

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