Survival Mode

I'm hurting! Just pure exhaustion- I don't remember feeling the need to park on a couch for an entire day in the end of my last 2 pregnancies. Or the fact that keeping my eyes open is a minute-by-minute battle. Or taking stairs was a task that felt more like climbing Mt. Everest with an elephant strapped to my belly.

I felt I could conquer the world, until about a month ago- when I began a sharp decline of stamina and strength! I'm at the finish line I'm afraid, and I am supposed to have FOUR WEEKS left! Here's what I've done to survive today:
-cold cereal with milk for breakfast
-dry cereal in cups for snacks
-locked us upstairs to minimize stair trips
-gave my 4 year old a sippy cup so I don't have monitor spillage at all
-allowed complete chaos
-quit refereeing arguments; fighting over a toy? Just give it here.
-no tidying up
-considering giving frozen pizza for dinner, for the third night in a row
-left the TV on kids shows ALL day
-trying not to watch the clock to countdown until a) Daddy gets home or b) bedtime...


Jennifer :) said...

Bless your heart!! Pregnancy is so wonderful...and exhausting! Hang in there, you look adorable!! (and I think I would have done all of the same things!) ;)

The Borgman's said...

Counting down the hours? I did this yesterday. I feel your pain in a different way. I hope you feel better soon!