Photo Dump

Ada has decided to give tee-ball a go for the Spring!  
(She tried soccer in the Fall- see THIS post about her first game!) 
She had her first tee-ball game today- I will post about the separately, next!  Get ready for a heart explosion of cuteness.  :)  
Here are a few pictures from her first practice-

I haven't been good at taking pictures of Dax lately- he's just a ball of energy always on the go.  
Plus EVERYTHING he does is beyond adorable, and I can't just hide behind my camera ALL DAY!  
Here he is trying Nutella on a piece of toast- I think he liked it :)

My fashionista on a "dress yourself" day :)

I've been pretty worn out lately, so we haven't done a lot of "enrichment" or lessons- but we got out the Capital-Lowercase matching game the other day.  Ada killed it!  
She's got about 8 sight words memorized too- and can sound some out if they're simple.  
I think she'll be reading in no time- which will so fun!

And I've been busy getting things ready for #3!  Done lots of laundry, purchased some cloth diapers to experiment with, and I made them their own Sweetish Baby onesie! :)
(In case you don't know, E is for Edie and T is for Tate)

Eeee! Which monthly onesie sticker set will we end up using!?!?

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