Tate Photo Dump

Tate's been here for 2 weeks, and I've taken lots of pictures of him with my iPhone- here are some cute ones.  :)

Big sister Ada holds him almost every night after bathtime.  She loves him so much, and is such a great help.  And Tate's pretty enamored by her, too!

All of these following pictures of of Tate at 1 week old.  I couldn't choose which expression was my favorite, so I'm uploading them all!  

Daddy hanging with Tate while I (we) watch The Bachelor season finale in the playroom.  


He giggles in his sleep and it's the cutest thing you've ever seen or heard.

The kids giving Tate a check up.

Tate hangs out in Ada's old boppy pretty often (he actually prefers to be held, but sits in this thing when I have to use the rest room, bathe the kids, make lunch, or random things)- here he is one day hanging out at lunch time and then helping me make signs for Dax's birthday party!  :)

Oh, we got all three kids in the middle row of the Explorer!  This made me so happy.  I was having bad vibes about putting Ada all the way in the back by herself.  I didn't like how close that very back row is to the back liftgate (in case of being rear-ended), and I didn't like her being back there all alone!  Plus, she's a HUGE help when Tate gets fussy and needs his paci held in place on car rides. :)

Ready for bed- 12 days old.  So presh!  I adore my evenings with this babe in the rocking chair and bed, watching TV together.

And a few (ok, a lot of) videos.  I have to remember what they're like at this age!!--
Ada holding Tate (4 days old)-

Ada tells Tate a bedtime story (4 days old)-

Ada holding Tate again (5 days old)-

MiMi holds Tate and videos him lots (4 days old)!

Cute sleeping faces, by MiMi (4 days old)-

Ada chats while Tate hangs out-

Dax and Tate-

Tate (9 days old)-

Tate (and Ada) (12 days old)

Tate's fuss is even adorable!  (12 days old)-

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