Dax Got in the Markers....

Dax breaks out of his room every morning- he used to go into Ada's room but now that the gate is there he's entertaining himself in other ways. Typically I'm awake but let him play for a minute before getting involved in the chaos- but this morning I must've been in a very deep sleep, because I heard nothing until it was too late! He'd gotten his hippo stool from the bathroom, climbed the toy closet shelves, to the art supplies on the top shelf, and went to town. On the closet door. His toys. The bookshelf. The couch. And his arms. Surprisingly it all came off except for the couch- and who cares! When I screeched for Casey to get up there because I'd heard an art jar opening, he came up to Dax saying "TATTOOS! TATTOOS!"

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