Easter 2013

So, most of the blogging I do I do from the comfort of my phone anywhere in the world.  Typically nursing Tate on the couch, or in bed, or one handed while preparing dinner.  :)  This Easter post had to be done at an actual computer though because I'm using a lot of pictures taken by my Aunt Andrea- which weren't on my cell phone to post!  :)  These are in no particular order, nor am I in the mood to get all OCD and fix it.  (I've spent my attention-to-detail for the week on the redecorated laundry room - I can't wait to post about it!)

Love Uncle Drew's face in this one.  Tate was mimicking faces, so Drew thought he'd get funny.   

Handsome, handsome boy.

I knew going into it I was not getting a good picture of all three kids in their bunny ears.

Face mimicking.

The Easter bunny came!!  I love that Ada placed their baskets (leftover from Pop-n-Honey's visit- I got lazy) in this configuration the night before for the Easter bunny to put their goods in. :)

Tate hanging on the couch while the olders hunted eggs-

The egg hunt- in his boots of course!  (Which he stepped on a Reese's egg in and splurted chocolate and peanut butter everywhere! Ha!)

Tate's first time at church!  It was a packed house- look at that crowd!

Woops- more couch.  Told you I didn't care about their oder tonight. 

2/3 of my heart right here!

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