Girl's Afternoon Out!

I have been craving some alone time with my girl- she's not necessarily struggling with the new baby, but everyone's dynamics have been thrown off, and she and I have been butting heads a little bit.  I've been kind of hard on her, and she's been doing lots of boundary pushing to get some sort of attention.  So, we headed out for a Girl's Afternoon (+ Tate, who I can't really leave yet!  But he's just a little lump and doesn't intrude much).

We stopped at the fabric store, then went to the drug store to get some hair accessories and nail polish for mani/pedis, and then Jason's Deli per Ada's request.  We had a blast!

Such a scary and gross picture of me- but the bulk of our time at Jason's Deli was spent taking pictures of each other with my phone and playing tic-tac-toe. So I'm including this for the memory. :)  I'm holding her raccoon TreeTop.

Then that night we were going to do mani/pedis, but she REALLY wanted to color instead (which you can't do with wet nails, duh!)- so I braided her hair into 4 french braids while she colored so she would have super curly hair the next day!

Here are some pictures of her waves the next morning.  She loved it!

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