The Three Dowell Babes- 3 weeks

I have these pictures of Ada and Dax at 3 weeks old blown up obnoxiously large and displayed in my house- and I knew I wanted to do the same with Tate.  We didn't quite get his photoshoot in during his 3rd week of life, but we managed to squeeze it in at 4 weeks 2 days.  :)  Close enough, right!?  I love that Ada and Dax's capture their little personalities- I wonder if Tate's do, too?

Here are my precious babes-

2008- Ada Grace Dowell (my creative thinker, sweet hearted, bow loving girl)-

2011- Dax Christian Dowell (my mischievous, hilarious, fun loving boy)-

2013- Tate Anders Dowell (my sweet baby #3)-



And I HAVE to include these.  This first outtake is of Ada.  This picture LITERALLY made me WET. MY. PANTS.  Ask my mom, she was there.  
I peed myself I was laughing so hard.  
Huge wet spot on the carpet. 
Not the baby.  Not the dog. 

And this one of Tate today reminded me of Ada's!

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