Mom Jeans to Boyfriend Skinnies

I'm all about a budget. But try to avoid looking frumpy if at all possible. Which I rarely succeed at- but I'm trying here. Anyway, back to my budget. I'm actually sitting here writing this as I am attempting to dye my hair back to some sort of an original color- highlights are such a waste of cash.

I also have this pair of jeans (one of the few that actually fits the hips that birthed a baby 5 weeks ago, not to mention the muffin top left by my 9.1 pounder!)- said pair of jeans was purchased circa 2003. With about a month's worth of earnings from my college job (I pretty much didn't go out or grocery shop this particular month. Well, I probably went out- but most likely didn't grocery shop. But I digress)....

Anyway, they weren't cheap, they still fit amazing, and they're ssssoooo soft. The downside? They're mom jeans a decade later. (Shutters at the thought) I can't go out and drop a bunch of my hubs' hard earned cash on every latest style of jeans in this particular brand every time it tickles my fancy (mom phrase- shutters again), so I got proactive. Enter pins, scissors, and sewing machine. And leap of faith in my non-existent sewing skillz. Here's how it turned out. Not much of a tutorial bc anyone attempting this with a sewing machine will already know what I did, ha! (I can't caption the photos since I'm blogging from my phone- but *hopefully* you can tell the BEFORE and AFTER!)

Note: The left pant leg is rolled up to show you these can be worn as skinny jeans or skinny boyfriends.   Not trying to start some bizarre trend here. :)

Another Note: Please excuse the closet mess.  


E said...

So fabulous! Love 'em!

Taryn said...

I am so impressed! These looks so trendy and cute! I remember those days in college of spending waaaay too much on expensive Seven jeans. Did you teach yourself how to sew or take a class? I am on a mission to learn. Trying to make some chevron print table runners for JAM's bday party next weekend. Hhoping I can figure it out before then!

Alicia said...

Thanks Ella! Now I can wean back into wearing real people clothes... womp womp!

Taryn- I taught myself to sew the BARE BASICS mostly by perusing Pinterest pins! My grandma taught me how to sew the taggies that we make for Sweetish Baby, and once you can sew something basic (blanket, pillow case, etc)- you can kind of figure your way out through several other things! Let me know if you need help with the table runners- I have a few tips I could share with you! :)