Tate's Official First Smile!

Baby's first smile is one of my favorite milestones.  Along with first giggle and when they begin sitting unsupported.  (I'm not crazy about crawling and walking- or any mobile milestone for that matter!) So anyway, the BIG SMILE happened the day before he turned 5 weeks- on Sunday- and he'd been practicing for it for a week before that.  I still can't get a picture of it because they're so quick and spontaneous and I have to WORK HARD for them- so I am usually not ready with the camera when it happens!  He coos off and on, too- which is just heart melting.  :)

This is a picture of him during a 20 minute stint he was smiling LOTS - I didn't catch a gummy grin, but I got a one-eyebrow-cock instead!  Which is just about as cute.

And this is a video I took of him that same evening.  Once my phone is up, that is ALL he wants to look at.  As you will notice in the video... You can catch the beginning of a smile at about 1:06 in, but then he remembers he's more interested in the big rectangle in his face than making his mommy happy- ha!

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