25 Things I've Done While Breastfeeding:

1. Boiled pasta; cooked sauce 
2. Given spankings
3. Changed poopy diapers (boppy pillow necessary)
4. Pooper scooped the backyard (dead serious)
5. Drug children to time out
6. Eaten breakfast
7. Eaten lunch
8. Eaten dinner
*all of the above which I made while breastfeeding*
9. Shopped at Target (yep. I didn't stop to nurse. Just latched him on. Discreetly of course. I remember the uproar a few years ago when a lady nursed her kid in Target)
10. Emptied the dishwasher 
11. Switched clothes from the washer to dryer
12. Written blog posts (not this one. The popper scooping is what I have most recently performed while breastfeeding.)
13. Read a book (obviously)
14. Texted you.
15. Peed. 
16. Unloaded groceries (that's harder than pooper scooping)
17. Drank a beer (Mom of the Year goes to:         )
18. Taken a bath
19. Removed toys from packages (possibly the most difficult on this list)
20. Held story time
21. Bathed a toddler and pre-schooler. And the breastfeeding baby. 
22. Cleaned the house. This should be about 7 separate items but who's counting.
23. Walked 2,418 flights of stairs (not all at once if course)
24. *Almost* nursed on the train at the zoo
25. Enjoyed it :)

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candy said...

The fabulous life of moms!!!! <3