Mother's Day Tea

Ada's little school put on a "Mother's Day Tea" for all of the kids' moms to attend- it was so wonderful! And MorMor came to keep both boys so Ada and I could have a little date afterwards too. :) We had a really nice afternoon! 
At Sonshine about to eat some snacks- I got to meet Eli and Eli's mom. Eli is Ada's BFF who wrote her a love letter yesterday. That is my next post :)

We went to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt where she chose chocolate cake flavor with marshmallow and gummy bear toppings :)
She picked me pretty purple flowers-
Then she decided she wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to get some ribbon. (Which was convenient because I needed to go anyway for some gift making supplies.)

When we got home she realized MorMor had brought her some COOL presents! She found an antique doll bed, and made adorable sheets, pillows, a mattress and comforter- and even brought her OWN doll blankets her mother made her when she was little- those blankets are about 75 years old! So cool. 

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