Memorial Day

What a fun Monday! We spent Memorial Day weekend grilling out with neighbors in our driveway, grilling out alone in our backyard, swimming at Grams and Papa's, and today we ventured up to the Bridgeland Waterpark. I was anxious to go to gauge wether I thought I could handle all 3 alone over the summer. I'm afraid that's past my threshold for now- but hopefully MorMor and Mimi will want to visit a few times a week to get their hands on Tate so I can still let the kids enjoy the coolest neighborhood pool ever! :) We topped off the day with Sonic Happy Hour- a perfect 3 day weekend! 

Dax has this new "thing" where he does all of these freeze poses and says he's being a robot. It is so bizarre and hysterical! 

Adult swim = picnic time!

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