Tate Face - 12 Weeks

Tater is 12 weeks today! How is he 12 weeks!?!?!?? I want him to stop it. Stop getting bigger- although I have mixed emotions about halting the growing bc he does something cuter everyday. This weekend we heard his first giggle! He's been "squealing with glee" for a long time- but on Sunday, when we were waiting "backstage" before the Baby Bible Presentation, I was cutting up with the other couples. Laughing, acting goofy, and I'm sure making ridiculous faces. I wasn't even looking at Tate- but after I laughed at something, I heard a "a-huh!" from Tate- I look over at him and he's leaning on Casey's chest, staring at me with the biggest smile on his face. I asked him of that was a giggle (enthusiastically of course), and he guffawed again!!! It was the cutest thing ever. His giggle is manly- with a low tone and to the point! Now I've spent his every waking moment trying to get another laugh from him- I've squeezed a few out! But mostly more of that adorable smiley face I love so much. 

I've already posted these next two, they're from our pool day yesterday- but he's actually giggling in them! :)

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